4 way split CD: Sete Star Sept/ Gorgonized Dorks/ Head Splash/ Grossty

Dostawa: 3 dni

6.25 3.12

Sete Star Sept is raw excruciating 2 piece Noisecore with zero melody and traditional song structures inspired by The Gerogerigegege. Gorgonized Dorks return again with their patented brand of psychotronic noizy spacecore galore for damaged minds and ear drums! Head Splash are hyper/ harsh drum machine noise grind inspired by bands like Seven Minutes Of Nausea, Sore Throat, Fear Of Dod, Anal Cunt, and Gorgonized Dorks with songs written about misanthrope, insanity, anti-authority, nasty humor, laziness, and anti-propagandists. Grossty are a 5 piece nasty fucking grindcore band from India. Our influences are various grindcore, power violence, crust, and black metal bands.