Antiseen/ Brody's Militia split 7"EP

5.00 4.50
Ever wondered what might happen if two of the baddest, most blood-thirsty bands on the planet would combine forces for one focused assault? Behold the fucking answer! Sink your broken teeth into the most down-right brutal blast of aural atrocities ever captured on wax. Twenty-five year veterans of pummeling punk rock, the legendary ANTiSEEN have only gotten meaner and more vicious with time. You wanna talk old school? These guys built the schoolhouse, burned it down and then taught your sister to boogie smack dab in the middle of the ruins!
Flip the platter and gawk helplessly as Kentucky cretins BRODY'S MILITIA bring the burning thrash chainsaw to bear on your flimsy skull next. Die deaf and drooling as waves of evil riffs and ugly solos send you straight to the rawest level of rock n' roll hell. Eye-popping full color artwork by Bill Hauser wraps this bad ass EP.
This record is seven inches of vinyl violence guaranteed to induce nightmares and leave scars!!!