Attack of the mad Axeman- Systematic Death Slaughter 12"LP

11.00 9.90

Animalgrind is Future and Future is now. In the first 4 years of their existence Attack of the mad Axeman have proven, that animals are unrenounceable for Grindcore in general – and that even without releasing a Split-EP with Agathocles or Unholy Grave. Now, 'Systematic Death Slaughter' is their third Album and still these guys are sticking to the spirit of true Old School Grind. They deliver you 26 new songs that are straight to the point and as fast as snails and turtles can go. Although there's only three tracks starting with a snare-countdown, this record has everything that decent Grindcore needs: good music and a message. Fuck Porngrind, better read this lyrics, they are fantastic!Attention: No frogs or pigs were harmed in the production of this record!Vinyl version is limited to 500 copies.