Autopsy vs Bloodbath split 7"EP


As part of the ongoing 7” series marking 30 years of Peaceville
comes a new vile treat in the form of a double feature from two titans
of Death Metal, on presented on limited edition vinyl. 

Autopsy present a high-octane version of the
none-too-subtly titled Fuck You!!!, originally recorded by 1980’s West
Oakland act Bloodbath (which once featured current Autopsy guitarist
Danny Coralles). 
Bloodbath was a large inspiration for Autopsy in its
formative years, and the track is presented here in an exclusive
alternate version to the one featured on the album Puncturing The
Recorded especially for this release, Bloodbath bring us its own own
nod to past inspirations in the form of a relentless rendition of the
Cancer classic, Blood Bath (giving a clear indication as to where the
seeds of Bloodbath’s own path to masterful brutality were sown).