Interview with Beau Beasley and Wilson P./ MALIGNANT ALTAR.

Awakened in the sun. Blended into the environs. A wide open eye. Celebrated sadness, jealousy, anger, hatred, dispersion, expectations. Surrounded by black. Interview with Beau Beasley and Wilson P./ Malignant Altar.

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I'm glad your back on track Beau, please share with us story about Malignant Altars birth.
Beau: I hadn’t really played guitar too much since the break up of my previous bands about 8 years ago and through work I met our singer Wilson. We talked about music a while and kept talking about doing a band together and after enough harassment from him about being a poser I decided to pick the shit up and try writing some songs.

You came back to playing the guitar after many years, how do you evaluate your condition and skills? Did you reached for proven equipment or experiment with new products?
Beau: When I stopped playing guitar I kind of just quit everything to study music theory and piano. I had gotten to a point that I knew how to write riffs but I didn’t fully understand the true mechanics of what I was doing so I kept hitting a wall with my riff writing. I don’t think I could do the things I do now with MA if I had not spent that time studying the fundamentals of music. We aren’t doing anything technical but knowing how to count out time signatures and compose harmonies goes along to way to getting the shit I hear in my head out onto the guitar.

Malignant Altar live photo
Malignant Altar. Photo by courtesy of Æthelwulf Xochipilli.

Malignant Altar opened the gates to dark side, how would you describe reality in this circumstances?
Wilson: Everyone's limited perception of reality will differ greatly as will what they see when looking inward. Lyrically, each song on the demo explores a different scenario in which one's reality deteriorates against their will due to greater forces outside of their realm of understanding.

What was the inspiration for "Retribution to jelous gods"?
Wilson: Mythology, the exploration of the subconscious, and the horrors of the unknown both physically and mentally. The overall objective was to create low-tuned death metal that embodies these themes and can keep the listener's interest despite the length of the song. I've always been drawn to the songwriting and atmosphere of early Absu, Fleshcrawl's Descend Into the Absurd, and the various heavy hitters of Finland. I'm excited to be working with friends that have a similar vision.

Please tell us about creating and recording the demos.
Beau: We worked on the songs for a while and when we finally had 3 solid ones together we decided to go in and record then. Our drummer Dobber has a studio set up and we did all the tracking there. He also did all the mixing and mastering of the demo and Im really pleased how it turned out. Dobber and I have recorded so much together at this point that we were able to finish everything within a day. It was a very quick process.

Malignant Altar live photo
Malignant Altar. Photo by courtesy of Æthelwulf Xochipilli.

Do you act according to plan, or do you use the gained experience and have a list of decisions to avoid?
Beau: I’m pretty methodical. I eat, breathe, and sleep every band I work on so I constantly work on ideas on what the band should do and how it needs to get there. I have learned a lot over the years of playing in bands and I have learned way too much about things to avoid in situations to reduce the level of stress involved with being a band.

I know you're a movies, games, books and tunes freak. Exploring cultural heritage is an inspiring and motivating activity, would you share some unique titles with us?
Wilson: I’m very much into horror, sci-fi, and crime movies/graphic novels/books. Some films that I find to be particularly underrated are Dark Waters, The Johnsons, Alucarda, The Church, Ghost Dog, and The Limey. Anyone trying to get into comics should give Promethea by Alan Moore a shot, especially if you're into metaphysical themes. Fans of surreal horror should check out The Three Impostors by Arthur Machen. My attention span for videogames isn't what it used to be, but I highly enjoy the Deus Ex series.

What is Beau's nightmare? I will not believe it's a someone in the elevator with some stank ass food.
Beau: Haha, those aren’t nightmares but more like major irritations. I guess on a world level my nightmare would some type of EMP attack. That shit is straight terrifying. On a personal level Im pretty scared of losing my hearing. After playing with my left side to Dobber’s china cymbal for around 10 years I’m pretty sure Ive done some serious damage. I get occasional drop outs but I’m hoping I can do what I can now to prevent any further damage.

Thank you for interview, last words is yours.
Beau: Thanks for the interview forever LOW TUNED DEATH!

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