Interview with Frank Faerman/ TANTALUM.

When I did start working on physical zine idea to make interview with Frank Faerman shows up. Tantalum sounds like this:

-Tantalum it's an interesting name caused by fear of your desires?
Hahaha, no. Tantalum is a heavy metal that is rare, hard, and is very resistant to corrosion. That kinda defines us as band and individuals.

-Please tell me about the beginnings, introduce the band.
The band started in mid 2016 with Mike T and Frank, they started jamming. They wanted to do something similar to 50/50. Then Seattle joined the band, and we tried out with Alice, and she stayed. Then Jeff Poppe joined us on the bass and Tantalum was formed.

-What is in your offer of survival?
Survival is our first EP and it is pretty much what it is. To survive you need to overcome your schedule, get rid of every concept that the society tries to create in your mind about your own image. Our offer of survival is just this: be who you are and face the world.

-What threats do you protect from?
None really. Only you can protect yourself. Haha.

-Suppose we survive, could you share with us news about what you are currently working on?
We are working on our new EP and we have pretty much all new songs ready to be recorded. Just need to get in the studio and do it. Thinking this new EP brings more like a death metal touch to our grind. We can't wait to get to studio and record the new tunes. Tantalum will be playing the new songs at OEF and can't wait to see the public's reaction.

-After a few local concerts, you will perform at the Obscene Extreme Festival, this is number 1 on Grindcore map. Are you ready to stand up on the red soil?
We're ready to play at OEF; we can't wait! This will also be our first show outside of Houston!

-Do you have any plans related to the exploration of Eastern Europe?
We will be playing a concert in Prague on July 7 with Controlled Existence, LPP, Crytic Void, Suppression and Makkmat and we're really excited about it.

-What books you last read, or maybe you've listened to a band, watched a movie, what do you recommend?
The last book I read was " Becoming a trial lawyer" so you might not want to read that! Hahaha
Seriously now, I recommend reading Notes from the Underground from Dostoievski. That book is a trip. I recently watched Black Mirror (1st and 2nd seasons) and I really enjoyed them. Music: anything from the gulf coast grindcore family (cryptic void, apocalypse noise syndicate), and some classic music to change the pace. Haha

-Thank you, last words are yours.
Thanks for interviewing us and see you all maniacs at Obscene Extreme!

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