Interview with mr Rogers and The DIS'users/ DISUSE!

Made a jump straight to the other side with Disuse, it's a help out for you with understanding this travelers. Interview with mr Rogers and The DIS'users.

Use, Dis, DISUSE
Religion is repetition. Repetition is murder. Murder is sin and sin has to be punished.
Charlie Charlie breaker Charlie, breaker Charlie Roger. Entering the 4th dimension.
Claws for feet, hooks for hands.
Ready for take off.
Art, artist
Hulk smash. Hulk destroy. Groot. We are the elekrtra's.

Optional protocol to devide the following three random sections of parental approved social behaviour;
option A - To dislike most. The reviewer who uses, here by we refer to the word 'use' dis, not certain bandnames who recall the demon inside the gods. Thank you very much Kevin.
option B - The DIS to 'dis' the one who made the mistake to use 'dis' as a form of disuse towards themselves or others. We thrive on our own force.
option C - You have been lost, disused upon the cross once and you cant get out twice because you are a freakin trendhopper with 9 inch nails stuck in your hands. Impossible to tie those emo boots with laces, and these nail wannabe junkies still wander why GHB'jezus was a barefoot simpleton.
Hipsters want to collect cassettes but they dont even own a deck, right here right now generation who dont give a fuck about anything else than 99,9% perfect selfie. Amusement thats what it is.
Shaken not stirred.
Language, communication
Good one. You folks are familiar with Toss King Ross? Well if you knew his sister, the one with the fancy squared sweatpants. Can assure you, that is some pretty heavy duty square pants.
Noïse Monkeys
label and sponsorship is corporate business. The dirty boulevard.
No compromise.
This is DISUSE.
For this one we go way back to question no. 2 from previous answer mentioned in DECIBEL webzine. Last two sentences will tell you exactly what the higher cause of the mönkey is about.
Performance, show
Went to a 10CC show during 'The Bleeding' tour in the 90ties and saw Barnes got scratched by some yeti fan on his QUIJA skull. He got the mönkeys. They all got the monkeys.
The mönkey rabbified rabid mummy nostradamus, infected an entire state and beyond. It reached a guy who named himself the "corpse-rider" For those who may think, a grown up guy calling himself corpse-rider? Maybe a person who is like a horse rider, but instead of horses he tries to ride the corpses.
Im not trying to be a wisenose. But everybody knows, riding a corpse is not the best option to win a race.
Isn't it this type of loud modern music where people shake their booty on.

Humanity, humans
Played once or twice in a band whom partly mutated humanity.
Urban Cookie Collective has got the key. The key to the secret, get your feet of the floor and dance dance motherfuckers

It followed the spirit from red eyed exo-skeletal man into the path of total clarity.
The hammer.
Elektra Sliedrecht 3 course meals.
Happy little clouds.
The coin. The Order. The King. The Toss.
You King. Us Kong. Less is more.
The expectation to be less rebel, less definate, less direct, less radical, less everything.
Social depravity, thats how I call it.
Constantly watching over the shoulder telling what to do or which not.
Bombing in your phrased mind or in which frame you supposed to be in or not.
Fast fast fast, everything pushed into the atmosphere of the unperished soulless extreme. Tightning up the throat, the thought, the willing of free speech, poisoned minds and above all revealing every last bit of ungoogled mystery that is left of what they once called life.
Boxes. Sheeps. Plant a tree and make the world feel better if it makes you happy.
Are what they are, expected to walk the line.
You say jump. I say how high, the circle is complete. For now on.
Yours sincerely,
mr Rogers and The DIS'users.

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