Interview with Pierre de Palmas/ VOMI NOIR!

If you would like to learn more about Grindcore / Goregrind scene back in the days, Pierre's webzine is a great source. Our partnership has been fruitful for years, the Sneezing Pus/ Vomi Noir split 7"EP is the perfect confirmation.
Hey Pierre, out there are many bands, it's impossible to know them all, imagine its your 5 minutes to introduce Vomi Noir to everyone. Hey Andi! Yeah, Vomi Noir is a french goregrind band... Just playing the style I love and care about the most ! Something in the style of old school CARCASS, REGURGITATE, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY & DEAD INFECTION... That's all I wanna play! I did BLUE HOLOCAUST for a long time by myself but I finally found some good persons to play with.. Also I always wanted to write gory lyrics in french, to give that style of lyrics a fresh spin! So Vomi Noir was my chance to do just that! I love the sound of weird disgusting maladies and symptoms, it's just like poetry to me. There are a lot of unused (french) gory vocabulary out there... and pathological lyrics are meaningless to most people anyway. So even if you're not french it works just fine I think! I like when goregrind bands actually take the time to write some lyrics!

Photo by courtesy of Philippe (Toulouse Crust).

For me your in the menu of bands with terrifying name thats heralds death. Lets face it, can you imagine to survival the black vomits? Whats the story behind the name/ action Vomi Noir? It was not my own idea... It's our friend Gabi that came up with it, he got me and Laurent (Biotox), our drummer to play together... I had in mind to find a drummer for Blue Holocaust... But we were hanging out and asked me, do you wanna play in Vomi Noir... At first it sounded weird to me... But I went to the first practice and at one point Gabi told me, Vomi Noir, it means vomiting blood... Then, yeah it took me to a terrifying and macabre place and I was sold on the name! I had « Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Blood » on the mind, and thought the name could suit a band in the style of Regurgitate... I thought it was perfect then! This feeling of nausea and uneasiness is extremely fitting for what I wanted to do with this band... So many things make us sick and goregrind is the best way to express our disgust.

Take me on a guided tour to yours rehearsal room and play your favorite riffs. Ah, earlier on we had a rehearsal room far from the city, we had to drive there... but now it's in the city it's a bit closer and more practical for me at least... We rehearse and record everything at the Pavillons Sauvages, a venue where most of the grind and out-of-the-norm shows happen in the city, it's a very cool place I think! Usually we come prepared, because I usually send demos of the songs to everyone and we have an idea of what we'll play... Our practices don't last very long because everyone has to go back to their job and family... So it's a very short time-frame... But it's usually pretty intense! Most of my riffs on this split are ripped off from Carcass, General Surgery... I included some riffs I wrote 20 some years ago on the song ''Comme un torrent atrabilieux'' (but never used before) and David our bassist wrote the riffs to the last one ''Convulsions phlegmasiques d'une pituite muqueuse''.

What’s your extra-musical activities? I know bands who hard bowling before/ after shows and once a week to get some seriously skills. Well, personally I'm an artist I guess I draw a lot, doing art and painting and stuff... Laurent (drums) is an electrician, he works on planes and David (bass) works at a home for elderlies and they both take care of their family and kids... That takes a lot of time!
Besides that, I'm not sure... personally I watch a lot of italian horror & true crime documentaries... Don't know much about hard bowling, haha!

Your well know as visual artist with recognizable style, I do have bunch of records with your work, I did even release albums like Kill them all Or Body Horror. Could you describe the making process for Sneezing Pus/ Vomi Noir split cover? I did the Vomi Noir cover first... It was kind of a composite artwork... I drew and inked the deformed dude face first (I wanted a face in the style of Exulceration's Infernal Disgust cover, and got inspiration from a shot of Cropsy in the Burning)... then drew the spiral of vomit and added it as a different layer...

I wanted the spiral of vomit to be composed of 4 different colors representing blood, atrabile (aka black bile), yellow bile and phlegm/ lymph which is whitish I guess... Because the lyrics to the 4 songs represent that too... It's based on the theory of humors, which an old outdated medical concept (old school, like our music!) that links bodily fluids to moods...

I decided to just paint a background with these basic colors... but then add shades of green, etc... in between... I kind of reversed the same colors in the the spiral of vomit so it pops out of the design! I thought that came out pretty cool... and it's awesome that we got to have multi-colored vinyl because it fits my concept nicely, each record looks pretty unique too!

When we decided to release it as a split with Sneezing Pus, I did a similar process, redrawn their cadaver head logo and added tons of purulent mucus all over it! I just made the background a bit more purplish and blueish to change it a bit from the VN side... I wanted these extremely garish colors to make it a bit Mario Bava/ comic book style!

Photo by courtesy of Philippe (Toulouse Crust).

How you recall the beginnings of Grindcore/ Goregrind genre fascination? For me personally... First time I heard Napalm Death was probably it... My older brother gave me the Death by Manipulation tape... When I heard the Lee Dorian tracks (Mentally Murdered) on side b, I hated it at first I must say, the vocals sounded so absurd! but then I listened to it again, got used to it and quickly it became my favorite thing in the world. Of course Carcass was another shock treatment... the extremely sickening riffs and nauseous vocals, their lyrics and gory collages had a deep impact on me I think.

Then later listening to radio shows (especially Avis d'Ordure from Toulouse) I could discover bands like Agathocles, Regurgitate (Concrete Human Torture was a revelation! And my biggest fascination for sure), Haemorrhage, Dead Infection, Squash Bowels, Catasexual Urge Motivation... And with the internet in the late 90's I could start my own webzine (Braindead) easily and discover even more bands! Impetigo, etc... Quickly I looked for all the (early) Carcass clones I could find and I love them all! (mostly) Especially General Surgery's « Necrology » which is another big inspiration.

It’s your opportunity to make a textbook definition of the Goregrind genre. Everyone has their own definition I guess... Nowadays, it's pretty meaningless... To me personally it's just grindcore with a gory content in the art and lyrics (as well as sound)... so nothing exactly political although the gory content can still hide some subliminal messages I think... But overall more nihilistic than anything... Musically, mid-90's Regurgitate is a perfect example of what I want to hear from a goregrind band... Short, effective songs, great grindcore riffs, blastbeats, d-beats and sickening pitch shifter vocals... I like catchy/groovy parts too... but it shouldn't overpower the grind parts completely... Just help enhance it... A raw sound production is usually more suitable too.

It's the most visceral genre of music to me... Most people hate it I guess, there are a lot of terrible goregrind bands out there, but I still love this genre!

I would cite Carcass « Reek of Putrefaction », Xysma « Swarming of the Maggots », Regurgitate « Concrete Human Torture », Dead Infection « Chapter of Accidents » & General Surgery « Necrology » as flawless exemples of the genre.

What records you spins lately? Hmm... Vomi Noir/Sneezing Pus Split 7'' was spun last I think, haha!

Otherwise : -Rawhead ''Spineless Pigs'' LP, Squalid ''Doctorate in Dismemberment'' CD & G.B.S./Sebum Excess Production Split CD (from Terrible Mutilation in Australia)
-Goblin's Suspiria LP which I bought myself recently
-Entombed ''Left Hand Path''
-Carcass ''Reek of Putrefaction''
-Pulmonary Fibrosis/Haggus/Inopexia Split LP
-Lurid Panacea album posted on bandcamp recently, pretty insane stuff!
And listened to some Mucupurulent (Sicko Babe), Dead Infection (Chapter), Regurgitate & Dahmer travelling with Pulmonary Fibrosis last weekend too ! Oh and the Carcass Peel Sessions too... plus more stuff I can't remember...

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