Interview with Rene and Kees/ CRYPTAE.

Play the Cryptae demo loud, that's all for the now.

-Hey Rene and Kees, Please introduce the Cryptae band.
Hey Andy! Cryptae is a Dutch death metal band and we started very spontaneously. René recorded some drums in the rehearsal space and sent them to Kees to play some riffs over it. The goal was to create a barbaric death metal demo. We actually surprised ourselves, because the sound was very heavy and unique. Immediately after posting the demo on bandcamp we were approached by Sentient Ruin Laboratories who released the demo as a supercool tape.

-Your projects Are unique, any advices how to get out of box?
We both love music, all of it. We listen to some immensely varied stuff. Our own projects go from punk (Bleak Bulge, Heavy Natural) to experimental (Dead Neanderthals) and from electronic pop (KPAV) to black metal (DungeönHammer, Imperial Cult). We just play the sounds that we like most according to our own vision. It's a matter of getting started and developing from there. It's not complicated, it just takes time and effort.

-That barbaric noise without emotions is driving people to distraction, for what do you put special emphasis during the creation process?
As mentioned above, we didn't put to much thought into the demo. It came straight from the gut. We put a lot more time in creating the new record entitled 'Vestigial'. The music and lyrics are more complex and we put more thought into the composition. The whole record is centred around a main riff, that changes form as the track moves along. The lyrics were written in such a way that people can interpret it in various ways.
Vestigial is a better representation of us as musicians. Of course we kept things raw, because that's how we like our death metal.

-What is important for Cryptae?
Raw and spontaneous playing. Create our own sound. Of course we honor the great bands of the genre (Macabre!) but we are not following them blindly.

-How will sound the end of world?
René: There will be nothing but silence.
Kees: I once attended a Keiji Haino performance and all I could think was: "This is what the end of the world will sound like". So there you go.

-What role do animals play in Cryptae maze?
We like to think there are only humans in the maze. Animals are innocent.

-Will you come out on the stage?
Never say never, but at this moment we do not have any plans to do so.

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