Interview with Sneezing Pus, current number one on the Goregrind scene.

SNEEZING PUS is a band run by Noel Kemper (Gruesome Stuff Relish, Altar Of Giallo, Boneyard...) and René Aquarius (Dead Neanderthals, DNMF, Fantoom...). I feel honored with the possibility of publishing this record. For celebration the day of premier I made an interview.

How was the Sneezing Pus duo created?

We (Noël and René) have known each other for years! Although we live thousands of kilometers apart, Noël lives in Spain and René in The Netherlands, we have always stayed in touch through social media and e-mail. At some point we just said, let's record some really disgusting goregrind tracks in the vein of the General Surgery demos. And we just did that!

What is the genesis of the name? What causes sneezing pus?
The name came from the first General Surgery demo 'Erosive Offals'. Although the title of that song later changed to 'Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue', we still dig it and it's a perfect little tribute to these legends of pathological goregrind.

Sneezing Pus pays tribute to the precursors of the genre with dissection of a cadavers, is it legal?
Every good surgeon should have his/her medical license in order before going into gory territory. We only barely passed our exams, so we hope we won't make any grave mistakes.

Please tell us about your fascination with pathology.
It started with Carcass, after that it only went downhill. And now we're here, talking about this disgusting little project of ours. We think it was meant to be.

Body donation after Death, donating organs for transplantation, what do you think about these programs and donors?
Great! Saving lives through science is a noble cause.

What emotions accompanied you during creation the Putrid Necrotomy?
That warm and tingling sensation that you have when listening to the demos of Carcass, General Surgery, Dead Infection and Regurgitate. You know, the good stuff!

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