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Interview with Frank Faerman/ TANTALUM.

Tantalum is a heavy metal that is rare, hard, and is very resistant to corrosion. That kinda defines us as band and individuals. Frank Faerman

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Interview with Dylan Walker/ FULL OF HELL.

While listening to the Weeping Choir album for the first time I've come up with 5 questions. When I mentioned FULL OF HELL name to Beau Beasley, he responded "They are on fire". The reply from Dylan Walker it's below.

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Interview with Beau Beasley and Wilson P./ MALIGNANT ALTAR.

Awakened in the sun. Blended into the environs. A wide open eye. Celebrated sadness, jealousy, anger, hatred, dispersion, expectations. Surrounded by black. Interview with Beau Beasley and Wilson P./ Malignant Altar.

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A series of arts.

A series of works. Here's the preview.

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