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Another chapter into grind-gore history! France and Brazil...two differt worlds, two different bands with the one common purpose...ripping your guts with intense brutality. Blue Holocaust is a one-man-band from France with just few releases, Pierre (BH mastermind) do the most dirty, rotten and claustrophobic brutal-gore available today with an amazing point of view who appears clearly and disturbing in his unique artwork. A shared tribute to the master of italian '60 horror movie director Mario Bava. 5 new songs distorted and abused like never before. Our new blood-brothers from Belo Horizonte Expurgo confirm all the promises made by their amazing debut CD. Old-fukkin'-school-grindcore touched by the evil hand of Gore. A strom of violence dances with rage, alienation and despair in 4 tracks 'till the "Infinito" collaps!