By This Axe I Rule! #4


English written, A5 format, 92 pages, black&white, pro-printed. Zine is made by a extreme tunes maniac, for a insightful questions answered: RAZOR (ca), NAUSEA (us), SADUS (us, 2009), BELL WITCH (us), OBLITERATION (no), CRUCIAMENTUM (uk), KRYPTS (fi), INFINITUM OBSCURE (mx), NERLICH (fi), SINISTROUS DIABOLUS (nz), SARTEGOS (sp), QUESTION (mx), TORT (sp), NEX CARNIS (ir), SPECTRAL VOICE (us), SHRINE OF THE SERPENT (us) and INSURGENCY (uk) + Dutch Doom/Death Metal special report (I of II) + Reviews + Nonsenses!!