Crush Your Canadian Idols compilation 12"LP

Dostawa: 3 dni


After 2 years in the making PRIMEVAL SOUNDS is proud to finally unleash the 2nd edition of CRUSH YOUR CANADIAN IDOLS! Uniting 26 (F.A.T.O., Crazy Bomber, Osk, Scumbelly, Archagathus, Putrescence, Powercup, Wadge, Mudlark, Mesrine, Soil Of Ignorance, G.O.D., Massgrav. Fuck The Facts, Wolbachia, Violent Gorge...)of Canada's finest purveyors of auditory violence dishing out (mostly) exclusive material and featuring original artwork by the late Michal Majewski in addition to visual contributions from each band involved, Canada's grindcore family is here in (near) full force to crush elitist posers! Limited to only 300 copies so get in touch if you want one! Tribute to Michal Majewski (RIP).