D.I.S. Becoming Wrath CD

5.00 2.50

Like many in the scene today, the influences of D.I.S. should come as no surprise just from the first listen, but their music stands out far above the rest from todays Discharged-Entombed soaked HM-2 worshiping clones! D.I.S. is no stranger to the underground, the sounds that influenced it and them. Formed in Los Angeles in 2008 by original members of Phobia, Mange and Eat the Living, their musical pedigree, experience and dedication spans decades. Each member bringing something different to the table resulting in an explosive charge of energy and originality to an almost predictable scene and style of music. Their 2010 full-length debut on Deep Six Records entitled Critical Failure established them as an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Song topics ranged from political indignity, religious strife to personal turmoil. The music, a crushing powerhouse of Swedish influenced D-Beat punk, mixed with ripping metal and thrash, backed by traditionally aggressive punk vocals.