Dostawa: 3 dni

12.00 8.40

Damn, you know the gods of blast beats were smiling the day this record was announced. Fans of the style will be familiar with Australia’s mighty EXTORTION, a band who’ve endeared themselves to legions of powerviolence nerds by honing the raw energy of genre forebears INFEST and SIEGE into a polished, precision-crafted riff machine. True to these bands’ legacy, EXTORTION’s brilliance lies not just in their ability to go fucking fast (the nine blurry seconds of “Burn Down” should lay waste to any doubts on that subject), but in the interplay between manic grind and memorable, tension-building slowdowns. Austria’s COLD WORLD (not to be confused with the brotastic US band) sound punk as fuck no matter how eye-peeling the tempos get. Most surprising – and impressive – are their frequent flirtations with melody: a few where-did-that-come-from guitar solos along with some melodic walking basslines blew my mind by actually working on a grind record! The two bands compliment each other perfectly without a hint of redundancy – the essential formula for a classic split.