G.O.D.- Body Horror CD

Dostawa: 3 dni

8.75 6.12

A 31 minute grindcore roller coaster of gore and noise… With so many riffs, so many beats and just about every vocal style known all jam packed into one release! A backlog of numerous release including split EPs & cassettes, finally GOD slap you in the face with their first killer full length CD (Body Horror). Expect nothing but raw, fast old school grind with a blend of gore/punk as if the 90’s have been revived. Covering grindcore classics such as... Repulsion, Carnage, FATO & CSSO. 22 solid tunes with no time to slow down… These three crazy Canadians will leave you terrorised! “A Complete Headfuk.” For fans of Warsore, Dahmer, early Napalm Death, early Dead Infection, early Carcass etc…. You get the drift! Artwork by Pierre Braindead.