8.75 7.87

KRATZER are a young band from Hamburg, Germany. They play a brutal mix of Crust, Hardcore and (Black) Metal. Pissed off german lyrics with a strong socioplolitical theme, desperately screamed over a gloomy, dark and heavy, yet at times melodic wall of sound. Members have been in bands like Escapado, Resection, Shitstarter, Recite, so you feel that strong Punkvibe! KVAZAR were a greek Grindcoreband, active from 1998-2011. The recordings were their last, but due to the leaving of the vocalist it has never been finished. Then Panos/ DEPHOSPHORUS came into play to record the vocals for this farewell release! Now it has everything a good Grind record needs: blasting drums, buzzsaw guitars and a sore throat! Coverartwork and layout by the amazing Viral Graphics! Split is limited to 500 copies and released in colaboration by: Blastbeat Mailmurder & 7 Degrees Records.