LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY- Since 1989- Rest in Gore 2CD


Legendary Dutch Goregrind pioneers LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY! Almost 160 minutes of brutal fast old school goregrind!
Rest in gore double CD contains:
-2CDs, complete discography till 2014 (In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions MCD, split 12"LP w/ Lymphatic Phlegm, Dutch Assault CD, split MCD w/ Stoma, split 7"EP/ MCD w/ Cock And Ball Torture, split 7"EP w/ Morgue, Murder Corporation Unreleased LP, split 7"EP w/ Rakitis, Confessions Of Obscurity 7"EP, split 7"EP w/ Vulgar Degenerate + demos, bonus songs, unreleased stuff.)
-Complete new art work, 28 pages booklet
-limited edition to 1000 copies with cardboard and sticker