Nak'ay/ Archagathus split CD


Mince-sleaze mongers Archagathus are at it again, and by it I refer to that unholy guttural clamour of vomitous GISM-eque bellows, sordid riffage and splintering percussive spiel, all slathered in a nauseating excess gloop of production muck and slime; delightful. Whilst the prince of mince and co's discography seems to be swelling at an exponential rate (every time I pick up an Archagathus release at least another two seem to stem forth) the band have a pretty cool non-linear progression about them that never makes for a dull Archagathus release. Having besieged all things gorey, noisey and absurd in their ever bastardising breed of mince this split with Nak'ay takes a more direct attitude: maximum pulverization, making this one of if not the most gut wrenchingly heavy and brutal of Archagathus' records to date (its hard to quantify when you have half a billion releases), even still that inherent and charismatic goofiness and dankness is not lost on this pulverizing pursuit.If the idea of Archagathus in and around their heaviest did not leave a puddle of Pavlovian drool below you then the thought of 12 tracks of post-Insect Warfare blare from the bestial miscreants Nak'ay will without a doubt do the trick.Very similar in texture to the now gone Cellgraft, Nak'ay possess all the acidity one would expect of the madness that manages to combine the raw appeal of Excruciating Terror with the sheer nuclear weight of Insect Warfare. I can only imagine that Nak'ays instruments are made of something as cutting and acrid as themselves, guitar heads made of rusted pipe, barbed wire strings and a drum kit made from rusted steel drums and and chunks of corrugated iron, meanwhile vocals lack any sort of human civility and are a feral ferocity that will trigger a hapless sense of fear from even the boldest of men. Any sense of rhythm, and I use the term loosely consists of cramming as much carnage as possible in as short time as possible, this coupled with Nak'ays ear for abrasive tones ranks them among the most fierce, loud and destructive bands in existence right now, and currently this being a 12 track venture its the closest we have got to a Nak'ay full length, so get behind it!

Released in collaboration between: Grindfather Records, EveryDayHate, Grindpromotion and Goressimo Records.