Negligent Collateral Collapse– 28 Minutes Of Silence For All Innocent Victims ...And Boneses CD

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"28 minutes of silence for all innocent victims... and bonuses". This release contains all 15 tracks from 1995′s "28 Minutes of Silence for All Innocent Victims" demo along with 18 “bonus” tracks including all 3 tracks from the 1999 Homologated Recycled 4D Hippies demo, all 4 tracks from their quarter of 2005 United States of Goregrind 4-way split with Corporal Raid, Screaming Afterbirth and Devourment, original mixes of 2 tracks from the 2003 Paranormal Nanodivision full length, 4 tracks from 2005′s Sick Atoms remixed in 2008 and 3 Negligent Collateral Collapse songs performed by Eardelete in 2010. In total there is 66 minutes of material to be heard here! If you’re unfamiliar with the works of Negligent Collateral Collapse then you are clearly in need of a punch in the neck followed by a fart on your head. Negligent Collateral Collapse play a brand of simplistic, down-tuned, no thrills death metal & goregrind featuring the most ridiculously inhuman vocals of all time and science and technology-inspired lyrics. It’s like sitting next to a rocket being launched into space, just a loud, angry, rumbling noise that sounds like power and death itself. The song structure throughout the 31 tracks is basically the same; chugging riffs, thumping drum beats and hilariously guttural burps with the occasional audio intro tossed in. There really isn’t a lot of variety in the song writing so if you’re looking for something with multiple layers of complexity you’ll be disgusted and sorely disappointed by this release. Think of the most simple music you could possibly play and Negligent Collateral Collapse is even simpler. They are the “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” of goregrind and make Six Feet Under look like technical death metal wizards by comparison. This release will make all fans of Negligent Collateral Collapse and Eardelete lose their fucking shit and is essential to all fans of Cock and Ball Torture, The Day Everything Became Nothing anyone who is easily amused by burping!