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Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish/ Nothing Clean split 7 inch
Every act of action begins by defining thoughts. Conscious naming is the ability to interpret the impact of incidents. Every pattern has an reverse.

SIMBIOSE- Banalization of Evil CD
Grindcore/ Punk

TRAVØLTA- In Tinnitus We Crust ecopak CD
Infallibility, a belief in perfection, sense of superhumanity naturally turns into chaos.
Limited to 1000 ecopaks with 12 pages booklet.

EDH092: DISUSE- machine​-​gun KELLY ecopak CD
The machine-gun KELLY is related in life. The battle, the peace, the flow of life and the demons who will arise if you twist with the devil. One take. No compromise.
Limited edition to 500 recycled ecopacks.

EDH090: DISUSE- The Yeti From Kad​-​Man​-​Ra recycled ecopak MCD
Dreams that comes true before falling asleep is a unique experience, it's like exploring reality from behind the mirror. Disuse constantly tests self-preservation instincts, reveals consciousness. Participating in this play results as a joy and a sensation of uniqueness.
Limited edition to 500 recycled ecopacks+ sticker.

EDHFUCKS88: Fredag Den 13:e- Dystopisk Utsikt ecopak CD/ gatefold black 12"LP

Stay free from interpretation, reject the source of torment. Look behind the mirror, go to the other side. Wake up consciousness. For the first time, only 11 songs is on the album (fuck the rules), I recommend for fans of: The Hellacopters, Poison Idea, Victims, Disfear, Skitsystem.

EDH087: MAKKMAT- Beina Brenner ecopak CD/ gatefold 12"LP
Through the earth covered by ashes traverses the legion of death.
Mankind is going to extinction ending the consumption era. The world we
know will fall. Nature forming species will survive.

I'm very happy to participate in this beautiful day. The day when Agathocles/ Existench "Will Gone, Lobotomy Done- Reek Of Abhorrence" split 7"EP saw the daylight. This is meeting of veterans enriching the Anti-musical heritage.

EDH085: MY MINDS MINE/ SICK OF STUPIDITY split 12"LP (multicoloured wax)/ ecopak CD
You will suffer under high voltage of the My Minds Mine and Sick Of Stupidity. Dutch Grindcore pioneers are back.

EDH080 THE DOG- The Devil Comes at Night CD
After releasing two 7’ EPs in 2014 and 2015 The Dog has recorded its first full lenght album. It contains 15 songs, inspired by aggressive and furious classic Hardcore scene outfits like Negative Approach, D.R.I, Spazz, Trash Talk, Despise You!, or even Kickback, with gloomy and dark lirycs. Lost generation music, for the people who feel like shit and don’t know exactly why. Keywords: lost hope, broken dreams, lack of satisfaction, stagnation.

EDH079 Agathocles/ G.O.D. split CD
Raw as fuck, Mincecore and Grindgore annihilation!

EDH078 FACADA- Nenhum Puto De Atitude 12"LP (multicoloured wax)
Truthful to punk roots sailors from Fortaleza/ Ce/ Brasil! Tribute to Punk, Metal and Grindcore legends (Unleashed, Impaled Nazarene, Blasphemy, Napalm Death, Mukeka Di Rato, Misfits, Headhumter DC, Ratos De Porao, Bad Brains, The Endoparasites, Rot, Nirvana, Sarcofago, Husker Diu, Titas).

EDH077 MYTERI- S/t CD (digipak)
The silence of the masses frightens, apathy has become their escape from this world that you and me helped to create. Full-length debut album of Myteri is aiming to combine the power of scandicrust with the feel of Tragedy and Poison Idea. The result has been desrcibed as Crust D-beat with Punk approach.

EDH075 WAKE- Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow CD
When it comes to Grindcore, few bands these days can top the overwhelming barrage of wrath and aggression unloaded on the listener. In a career spanning mere seven years, this Canadian unit of aural assassins have brought terror and war to crowds all over the world.

EDH070 LIVET SOM INSATS- Check your grind CD
After four years the Swedish Grind trio Livet som insats is back with Check Your Grind album.
This time it's faster and more on-point than ever. 24 songs in 23 minute says it all! It's fast! Intense Grindcore with no remorse.

EDH067 Fredag Den 13:e- Domedager CD
Swedish Fredag den 13:e recorded in Fvck Life Studios in Trollhättan by Fred (Gust, Anchor) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege Studios 13 songs for 3rd full-lenght album "Domedagar". Aggressive, absolutely manic Scandicrust influenced by founding fathers: Disfear, Wolfpack, Wolfbrigade, Victims, Skitsystem.

EDH062 Yattai- Fast Music means Love CD
Inverting this schematic by offering concise, clear and catchy riffs one after the other without any inclination towards industrial blandness or repetition would be French posthaste Grindcore inclined Fastcore greyhounds Yattai.

EDH059 MINDFLAIR- Scourge Of Mankind CD
'Scourge of Mankind' is Mindflair's latest full length. Unlike other Grindcore bands, Mindflair flesh out their riffs, stressing on the emotion than blowing you away to bits, which they do it anyway. Comparable to BRUTAL TRUTH meets SOILENT GREEN, the music is sizzling as well as grooving heavily. It's thick, sludgy and visceral, like hot tar being splattered all over your body as it's being pummelled to pulp. This is easily the band's most proficient album yet, ever since the band made a splash on the international circuit with the smashing debut titled 'Green Bakery'. EveryDayHate Records will be doing justice to this stunner of a release, out on CD as well as 12" vinyl, giving fans of Grindcore something gnarly, thick as a trunk, and volatile like cascading mountain collapses.

EDH058 ARCHAGATHUS- Dehumanizer CD
Raw old school Grindcore.

EDH057 TRIGGER- Start Our Revenge CD
Faster faster faster, the first Trigger Album with a 25 minute Oversdose of Noise, Grind and Powerviolence! Recommended for fans of: Pig Destroyer, Brutal Truth, Rotten Sound.

EDH047 HUMAN CULL- Stillborn Nation CD
The band’s sound is influenced by 80’s Grindcore and Crust bands such as NAPALM DEATH, DOOM, FEAR OF GOD, DISCHARGE & TERRORIZER as well as more recent acts such as Nasum, Gadget, Nuclear Death Terror and 324. They have toured the UK and played events such as Chimpy Fest, Bleh Fest and Subvert Fest alongside Doom, Deviated Instinct, Magrudergrind, Captain Cleanoff…

Violent old school Grindcore!!!

EDH041 WARFUCK- Neantification CD
Sick, fast, loud Grindcore duo from France!

Second album of polish underground Grindcore elit!

EDH038 INFEST- The next will be yours... CD
3rd album of french grinders. 21 songs of devastating sound, ultra fast blast and insane vocals (including a Nasum cover).

EDH037 Nak'ay/ Archagathus split CD
Relentless fucking Grindcore!

EDH036 Livet Som Insats s/t CD
First time I heard Livet Som Insats in Grindcore Karaoke, a label run by J. Randall/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed, I was fascinated and excited, so I decided to help them. LSI have the power! Heavy, crusty, fast and aggressive swedish Grindcore elit!

EDH035 Fredag den 13e- tjugohundratretton CD
Swedish D-beat Crust influenced by Disfear, Victims, Poison Idea and of course Motorhead!

Fast, intensive GrindCore with Crust influencies from Brazil. Mixed and Masterized by William Blackmon (Gadget). For: NAPALM DEATH, PIG DESTROYER, ASSUCK fans!

EDH032 INTERNAL DAMAGE- Age of violence CD
Russian brutal old school Grindcore devastation!

EDH031 D.E.R./ ABERRANT split CD
Blasting and darkened Grindcore from Brazil and the United States!!!

EDH026 NOISEBAZOOKA- humped world CD
32 songs of pure hate, fast and agressive Grindcore! European answere for Agoraphobic Nosebleed!

EDH020 D.E.R.- Quando a esperança desaba CD (reissue)
Furious, unrelenting Brazillian Grindcore!

Pure Grindcore classic! First time on CD! Under TVG license!

EDH016 KSK "Bouncecore from tha hood" MCD
17 short & fast tracks of pure thrashing Grindcore fury from Germany!

SABU (usa)- Crusty Sludge/ Grindcore! FIRING SQUAD (sweden)- insane Grindcore! PEOPLE HATE (poland)- fast blast/ Grindcore, members of Suffering Mind!


Masters of GORE.