Postmortem– Constant Hate CD

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After ten years of absence (apart from an EP and a single), Berlin’s kings of brawl report back on stage with "Constant hate". And to make it short and simple: album number four is a genuine wrecking ball. Like they did it in the 90s, the band (now a quartet) combines the best of Death and Thrash and delivers some entertaining, solid shots of hate. They’re cautious regarding speed, though: all tracks are real Rock, but there’s no excessive Speed - nevertheless, Postmortem never drift towards airy-fairy mid-tempo. One or the other lick is pretty catchy, and mike torturer Matthias picks up all marginal melodies, so I’d call the ten tracks the most mature opus of the blokes so far - aggressive, uncompromising, no trendy stuff. Welcome back, Postmortem!