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Insanity, melancholy, sorrow, suffering, death, feeling that all will be in deep darkness. Don't live everyday of your life as yet another day. Do not get stuck, frustrated. Revolution breath, never give up, fight. Endure and survive! Revolution! Revolutions Breath! Another great work of the Social Chaos containing the purest dementia, dirty and aggressive one of the most significant and important bands of Brazilian crust/ hardcore underground today. They are in total 26 insane tracks, 10 unreleased tracks of unreleased Revolutions Breath, another 10 tracks Live in Finland 2010 (Full Session), and that more special bonus 7'EP The End 6 tracks, remastered edition. Contains a booklet with translated lyrics English and Japanese, and OBI , the album art and also the exclusive tshirt art was signed by Japanese artist Shunsuke GID (Gifu/Japan).