SUFFERING MIND- Discography 2008-2010 CD

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6.25 3.12

SUFFERING MIND from Lublin, Poland are one of the most impressive grind bands today. The Discography 2008-2010 includes 47 songs from the band’s vinyl only releases: Death To False Grindcore 3"EP, s/t LP (625 Thrash), split LP w/ ASSHAMMER, split 7"EP w/ WOJTYLA, split 7"EP w/ LYCANTHROPHY, and Destroy Mankind 7"EP. 49 minutes of an unrelenting force of face-melting grindcore. A must have for fans of ASSUCK, PHOBIA, INSECT WARFARE, DISCORDANCE AXIS, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, THE KILL, MAGRUDERGRIND.