THE BLACK COFFINS- Dead sky sepulchre CD

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Sao Paulo’s The Black Coffins, an aggressive, dirty and devilish hybrid of grooving death, punk and hardcore, sealed with the sort of menace typically found in Swedish death metal, might be unlike anything you’ve ever listened to, but possesses all of the ingredients that make cult music searing and great. Dead Sky Sepulchre is a non-stop, furious metal assault that rocks and grinds, shrieks and shreds all the way through, highlighted by a grim and gloomy atmosphere that sets the stage. SPECIAL GUESTS: Milosz Gassan (Morne), Marissa Martinez (Repulsion), James (Facada), Dimitry Globa (ex-Phurpa). For fans of: Entombed, At The Gates, Dismember, Carnage.