The Other Option DVD


The Other Option – a feature length documentary on the fascinating history of Australian punk and hardcore bands touring South East Asia – is now available on DVD after a short run of successful advanced screenings.

So far the overwhelming feedback from those who were unaware of the strong historical ties between the regions was that the film had been an insight to, “a world of punk rock they never knew existed“.

After screenings in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, The Other Option has also been launched in Asia with a debut screening in Singapore and some unique DIY events being organised to show the film in far flung towns and villages in Malaysia and Indonesia.

It brings to an end a three-year project, filmed across four countries and covering 15 years of crucial Australasian underground music history. It was compiled by an individual with no budget, no crowd funding and limited experience – and the film’s producer hopes it reflects the kind of DIY spirit that remains so important to punk and hardcore communities.

From the most unlikely of trailblazers within Australia’s punk and hardcore scenes, through to some of the biggest alternative acts the country has ever produced, The Other Option shares the amazing stories that until now had only been part of underground folklore. The film features interviews with Warsore, Pisschrist, Miles Away and Michael Crafter as well as South East Asian heavyweights Carburetor Dung and Straight Answer.

In Australia, physical copies will be available at selected independent record stores (Beatdisc, Resist, Clarity, Heartland etc.) as well as online at While in South East Asia, specific effort is also being made to make DVDs available at selected stores and punk/hardcore distros.

Written, produced and directed by Rohan Thomas, producer of D.I.Wireless Podcast. Rohan has also produced successful documentary style web series for Australia’s Poison City Weekender and The Fest in Gainesville Florida. This is his first film.

When researching bands to interview for his podcast, Rohan came across Gold Coast band Not OK who he learnt had recently returned from a South East Asia tour. The fact there was scene in South East Asia sparked his interest – let alone the fact it was possible for a relatively unknown punk band to play there with emphatic responses from audiences.

For so long, the only option for an Australian punk or hardcore band to tour overseas lay in the promise lands of Europe and the United States.

But as it turned out just a few hundred naughtical miles off the northern Australian coastline, lay a group of three countries striving to develop their own passionate, underground scenes in diverse cultural environments and against the backdrop of some of the most exotic locations in the world.

After working on projects in Australia and North America, the time had come to explore exactly what was happening in South East Asia and how it all began.