V/A A Tribute To NASUM 2x 12"LP

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16.25 11.37

After NAPALM DEATH is NASUM one of the most well known band for these kind of Old School Grindcore, you will find more than 50 bands who give there respect to this band: Coldworker, Misery Index, Leng Tch'e, Deathbound, Total Fucking Destruction, The Arson Project, Rotten Sound, Afgrund, Mumakil, Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Dead Infection, Kill The Klient, Krush, Infanticide, Rompeprop, Nashgul, Putrescence, Sanitys Dawn, Splitter, Blockheads, Accion Mutante, Embalming Theatre, Obligatorisk Tortyr, Who's My Saviour, Mastic Scum, Keitzer, Depression, Collision, Goregast, My Cold Embrace, Magnicide, Poostew, Sakatat, Utopium, Rottencold, White Eyes, Nyctophobic, Infest, Black Hole Of Calcutta, Drudgery, Ablach, K.S.K., Masochist, Methadone Abortion Clinic, Expose your Hate, Treason Grind, Sound Of Detetastion, Trepan'Dead, Horrificia, Grind Crusher, Venocide, Creative Waste, Bathtub Shitter.