WE ARE IDOLS- No apologies CD

Dostawa: 3 dni

6.25 4.37

No Apologies” is the title of Poland, Wrocław-based hardcore/metal band’s We Are Idols third album. It will come out as a limited to only 200 copies CD.
It’s still a combination of a brutalised hardcore riffing with metal heaviness but this time We Are Idols appear to have changed a little bit. – In terms of sound you can expect one step backwards into some primal rawness but at the same time there’s more things going on in the background – say the band. – More melodies and sound effects, a little piece of the famous “wall of sound”, and a couple of twisted solos. All of this may be placed somewhere between Coliseum and Only Living Witness with a kiss from the Rollins Band – they add.
No Apologies” is also a concept-album describing our reality after WWII. Serious stuff.